Care and Cleaning for Antique Jewelry

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"Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue." Carrying among each is a time-honored marriage convention. What could embody heritage more delightfully than a cherished bit of antique jewelry?

With the perfect necklace to put off the shape of your dress, or the best earrings to accentuate a stylish neck and elaborate up-do, classic jewelry brings an elegant finishing touch to your bridal style selections. You may Sell Your Estate & Vintage Jewelry to CIRCA to get the best value for your jewelry.

Such unforgettable treasures deserve the highest degree of attention long after the big moment. You're able to maintain their beauty and appreciate when you understand how to protect and wash them correctly.

Care and Cleaning for Antique Jewelry

Maintaining Your Antique Jewelry

Among the most significant factors for maintaining valuable heirlooms, such as jewelry, is picking the right way of saving them. Earrings and rings must be kept flat, inlined boxes which can protect them from becoming misshapen or scratched.

Sometimes, it's highly recommended to restrict their vulnerability to the atmosphere, so as to protect against the harmful effects of oxidation. Whenever you can, keep these valuable keepsakes in their first, lace or velvet-lined boxes.

This also functions to keep them from getting uncontrollable, or by losing little but valuable pieces such as the springs that shield earrings, or fragile clasps. Finely crafted bracelets and chains are best suspended to prevent getting knotted or tangled.

When you've got a pair of hand-strung pearls, then it's vital that you keep them level, and away from excess moisture. Pearls are hand knotted on a good strand of lace, and moisture may induce such fibers to weaken and break. 


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